The Comeback

Twice now the Shamrock above has been shattered and uprooted. Both of these moving life events, involved felines. The first disruption, Rob, a sweet orange tabby, had not only destroyed the leaves and stems, but had strewn the roots all over the floor. My mother said then just throw it out. I thought, give it a chance. I replanted it, fertilized it. The plant grew once again. My mother was surprised. For the next life changing event for the Shamrock, an orange tabby kitten we took in, Simba had the same interest in the plant as her predecessor before her. I heard a thud. Simba had knocked over the plantar and it shattered. Once again ma, said throw out the plant, let go!  I had the plant since 1976. Forty-one years ago my Aunt Helen gave me the plant, as my mother and I sat at her kitchen table. I didn’t feel like giving up on the little plant. I bought a new plantar, soil and replanted it. The picture above is its comeback picture. Then I had another surprise outside in the old shattered plantar, which I had put in a popcorn can to keep it together, had 1 shamrock that grew. I thought wow this one came back despite all it had against it. In a broken vessel, outside and no water given, just the rain and it made it. This is another example, for me, God speaking through nature; to keep Faith in the difficult times. Even though the plant had some had some major life events of its own, it was able to persevere, and make it. DSCF1107 (2)

A Heart that Holds

Once in awhile you run across a moment in time, in which nature speaks of God’s goodness. The picture above was at one time a den for a mother cat and her three kittens. It had a heart shape opening, framed in Juniper Pine. Like these kittens rest in their den, God wants us to rest in Him. A reminder of Psalm 62:2 ( New American Catholic Bible ) Only in God, is my soul at rest.

  • Kittens Huddle Close
  • Heart Framed Nest
  • Earth’s Little Surprise