Candle in the Water

Looking at an old picture, I came up with this Haiku poem, and noticed it was also an Acrostic poem as well, though short. Came up with a few thoughts. In life, there are many  events that can be viewed as a Dam, something that slow us down or stopping us from  going in the direction we would like to.  Then there is a Light, an idea, a way to get to the land; a goal that you would like to reach. Like the reflection of  the sun’s light in the water; there are also reflections of God’s light; in other people, creation that is all around us. Specs of truth, in each, to help us to reach our goal.

Darkness at sunset

A Candle in the Water

Mirror of the sun

A Cat’s Prayer

All you beasts wild and tame, bless the Lord, praise and exalt him above all forever.     Dan 3:81(NAB)

A Cat’s Prayer

I lay my head down between my paws, and lift my heart to you, O Lord.

Purring so contently, for I feel your ever presence near.                                            Remember all my family, and keep them in your care.                                                           And please, watch over my feral friends, that I watch for through the door.                      You care for them I can see, and don’t count it as a chore.

For the sun rays through the window! It makes my bed cozy and warm.                               Organize my human’s time, so they can spend more of it with me.                                           Receive my thanks and praise O Lord for all that You have done!

Yesterday has come and gone, like the dry food in my bowl.                                                 Oh! I hear the cabinets open. It’s almost feeding time!                                                              Up and ready am I for the dinner I’m about to eat.


Hot Lines for Help

For people affected by Domestic Abuse and Human Trafficking, here are 3 links for information. The two link is for Domestic Abuse, actually the ALDF link has a lot of useful information for domestic abuse and pets with many links on their site. It takes community: family, faith, state and even national organizations to help those in crisis; and it takes a lot of courage to seek help.

The third link is for, The National Trafficking Hotline 


 Lives shattered like snow ice blocks

many dreams torn apart

seen in the faces

tears falling washing

hands reaching out for aide

pray  lives a mended pathway.